Standing Up to Duke; Standing Up for Consumers

Lately, several of my constituents have been sharing their frustration with me regarding Duke Energy and some of its business practices. This week, I joined Senator Jack Latvala and Representative Kathleen Peters at a press conference in Clearwater regarding the power company. I will join my colleagues in the Florida Legislature in sponsoring a bill in the 2015 Legislative Session that will establish tougher regulations and accountability for electric utility companies in Florida.

The draft bill will 1) prohibit any utility company from charging customers a higher rate because of an increase in usage attributable to an extended billing period; 2) clarify how much a utility company can receive regarding deposits and how much the amount must be calculated; 3) require anyone who lobbies any member of the Public Service Commission Nominating Council to be registered; and 4)
require any money received by a utility company for implementation of demand-side renewable energy resources are used solely for those purposes.

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