Larry Ahern July 4th Independence Day Message

Maureen and I wish you and your family a blessed Independence Day. As we celebrate America’s 240th birthday today, we are reflecting on the state of our Nation. Are we strong? (Reduction in military forces and cuts in the budget). Are we prosperous? (20 trillion in debt and Social Security near bankrupt). Are we respecting our country’s treasured documents? (Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights). Are we honoring the gift of America that God gave us?
While we enjoy the holiday’s festivities today, please take some time to read what our Nation’s founders wrote about preserving America. Google “quotes by our Founding Fathers.”

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Larry Ahern, Republican, for Florida House of Representatives District 66.

Larry Ahern Campaign, P.O. Box 40551, St. Petersburg, FL 33743

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