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A Voice For The People

Career politicians need to go. I have had enough with the eye-rolling and sighs. Pinellas County needs leaders who will listen to and work for the people. The voters overwhelmingly passed term limits in 1996 yet the Commission never adopted the law. I will vote for term limits. I will vote to protect your neighborhoods from developers. I will vote for common-sense transportation plans that don’t take away car lanes. I will vote for sound environmental policies that allow the people to enjoy their beaches and boating.

A Voice For Business

As a business owner, I know firsthand what businesses and their employees need. They need to work. What they don’t need is a County Commission that overreaches and overregulates, and puts them out of business. I will listen to business owners so they can continue to be the lifeline of our economy and to provide jobs in our community.

A Voice For Public Safety

As a Veteran, I have a deep respect for the rule of law. As your Commissioner, I will support our Sheriff and his ability to preserve your freedoms, protect your rights and keep you safe. Public Safety is government’s highest priority, and while lawlessness runs rampant in cities across America, I will make it my duty to keep the people and businesses in Pinellas County safe.