CLEARPAC Endorses Larry Ahern

The following press release was distributed by the Clearwater Regional Chamber:

CLEARPAC, the political committee affiliated with the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce, and the Chamber’s Board of Directors recognizes the importance of Election Day to the continuing success of local business. Focusing on business issues such as transportation funding, education, business regulation and worker’s compensation reform, CLEARPAC has endorsed the following candidates:

  • Jack Latvala, State Senator, District 20
  • Chris Sprowls, State Representative, District 65
  • Larry Ahern, State Representative, District 66
  • Chris Latvala, State Representative, District 67
  • Kathleen Peters, State Representative, District 69
  • Matthew Stewart – School Board District 1
  • Carol Cook – School Board District 5

The CLEARPAC Board felt that there were two qualified candidates for the Pinellas County Commission District 3 seat. Charlie Justice has consistently stood up for the business community while challenger Mike Mikurak has an extensive business background and a keen understanding of the challenges that businesses both large and small face. We encourage the community to research both candidates. Judy Mitchell, Chairman of CLEARPAC, said, “CLEARPAC is pleased to support the above slate of candidates who best understand the importance of maintaining a pro-business environment and who are willing to collaborate in order to advance public policy that allows our businesses to prosper, grow and create new jobs.”


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